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Repair Service

Repair Service

At Otto & Spike, we are using the best quality Australian premium Lambswool and Extra Fine Merino wool to knit our products here in Melbourne. While we believe our knitwear is made to last, items can be damaged or simply wear over time.

If something does go wrong, we are here to help.  Items can also be repaired at a reasonable charge when damaged after purchase  ie; snagged, pulled, ripped or simply worn through general wear.  (please note shrinkage is not fixable).

Extend Your Clothes Life

Firstly, we recommend checking out some of our online resources to extend your knitwear lifetime. Laundering, ironing and drying can shorten the life of your knitwear as much as wearing them does, so we offer tips for cleaning and care to extend the life of your clothing. Remember wool is better left unwashed - a good airing should suffice.

Repair & Mend Your Clothes

Otto & Spike offer two repair options to ensure your gear has a longer life. 

(1) Do-it-yourself    Feeling handy?  Need a quick fix on your Otto & Spike knitwear? All you need is a simple tool such as a needle. Check here to learn how to fix a dropped stitch in knitting by yourself; or click here to learn how to fix a hole in knitting. 

(2) Mail us your knitwear to mend   If you don’t want to fix your gear by yourself or you need extra help, we recommend sending it directly to our factory in Brunswick East. To do so, Please complete the repair form first.

Once we have assessed your damaged knitwear, we will email you a repair order number and payment link. Once paid, post your garment to us remembering to quote your repair order number.  We endeavour to have repairs completed within 10 business days of receipt. You can check the repair process here.    

Once repaired, we will return your Otto & Spike via Express Post to you.