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How do I care for my Otto & Spike?

Our preference is to air your Otto & Spike rather than wash it.  If you want to wash it – here’s a few tips to help you on your way.  Wool is a beautiful natural fibre – respect it and it will last a lifetime.

  • The easy way use the wool cycle on your washing machine – make sure the water is no more than 40 degrees Celcius.
  • Washing by hand -  Fill the sink with luke warm water (dip your hand in and the temperature should be about the same temperature as your hand – no warmer)  use a mild neutral detergent (look for ‘wool wash’).  Let your garments soak for 15 minutes, drain and rinse with luke warm water.  Squeeze water from your garments, avoid wringing them out.
  • Drying - Dry your items flat on a towel and in the shade.


The Woolmark Company have a Wool Care Guide App here:  APPLE ANDROID


What does ‘Extra-Fine’ Merino mean?

Extra Fine Merino wool is the finest grade of Merino Wool you can get.  Extra-Fine refers to the diameter of each wool fibre.  Merino wool is graded on this diameter measurement (microns) along with it’s staple length – a staple is a cluster of wool fibres together.  Merino wool staples are generally 65-100mm long with a diameter measure 11.5-24 microns. Unlike ‘Superwash’ Merino our Extra Fine Merino has not been chemically treated for laundering purposes.  We choose this wool for not only its soft handle but it’s springy lively feel which can be lost in Superwash.


What’s the difference between Merino and Lambswool?

Merino wool is a much finer fibre than lambswool, it is very strong, flexible & elastic.  When these fine fibres brush against your skin they bend and flex = no itch for you!  Merino wool provides a lot more warmth for a lot less bulk.  Don’t be fooled by our lightweight Merino scarves – they are sure to keep you toasty warm.

Lambswool on the other hand is bulkier and not quite as soft as Merino wool.  This is because the fibres are courser and generally the staples (fibre length) are shorter.  Both Merino and Lambswool share the same wool qualities:  it’s a great insulator, keeps you warm, wicks moisture – in turn keeping your body dry and it’s breathable. 


How long has your business been operating?

Our Grandad (Les Mananov) started L M B Knitwear (our parent company) in 1969 although he had been knitting long before that.  In 1960, Les at 16years of age bought his first knitting machine.  He rented a shopfront in Nicholson Street Brunswick – wrote a sign on a bit of cardboard with a texta and has been knitting ever since.  Over the years the business grew and moved locations but always remained in Brunswick.  For many years, L M B Knitwear knitted for others.  In 2002 & 2003 Les was blessed with 2 beautiful grandchildren – first Otto and then Spike.  In 2006 another birth was on the horizon – the birth of Otto&Spike the brand.


Where does your wool come from?

We’re proud to say the wool we knit is Australian wool.  Our Extra Fine Merino comes from the Bellarine Peninsular.  Our Lambswool is from all over Australia.  We use hand cut Angora


What is Ethical Clothing Australia?

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA®) is an accreditation body that works collaboratively with local textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) companies manufacturing in Australia. The ECA voluntary accreditation program offers practical and affordable assistance to these businesses, and ensures that their Australian supply chains are fully transparent and legally compliant.
L M B Knitwear is proud to be endorsed by Ethical Clothing Australia.


What is Woolmark?

In 1964, the iconic Woolmark symbol was born. Its purpose: to act as an independent quality assurance of every wool product it adorns - more than 5 billion of them, so far, making the Woolmark brand the best-known textile quality brand and wool content label in the world. As the global authority on wool, The Woolmark Company works with textile and fashion industries at every level, developing better wool textiles and driving consumer demand.
L M B Knitwear is proud to be endorsed by Woolmark.


Do you custom knit for other brands?

Our parent company – L M B Knitwear – will happily take any enquiries for custom knitting.  You can make contact here.  Please provide as much information/artwork as possible to give us a clearer understanding of your requirements.


Do you ship overseas?

Yes!  We ship worldwide, prices vary and will be displayed on checkout.

Explain your blanket sizes please…

All of our blankets are knitted to order – Each blanket pattern is available in four different sizes:

Bassinet (Extra Small)

80cm X 105cm

Best to use in a pram or bassinet.  Also a great size to use as a knee blanket.

Cot (Small)

100cm X 130cm

The perfect size to fit over a standard cot mattress.

Throw (Medium)

150cm X 150cm

Our most popular size – this square rug is great to throw on the couch


150cm X 210cm

This blanket is the perfect fit for a single mattress or to throw over the end of a Double/Queen or King Bed.



Do you have sizes in beanies and gloves?
No we knit OSFA (one size fits all) well most really.  Being wool and a knitted fabric, your gloves or beanie will have a lot of stretch in them allowing them to fit on all different sized hands or heads.


What sizes are your socks?

Our socks are all a unisex Australian size.  Please note that due to the nature of knitted socks, sizes are a rough indication. Our socks will stretch however, if you prefer looser socks we recommend sizing up. The length of our socks comes up to about the mid-calf area.

AU UK EU US unstretched heel
to toe length
S 2-8 2-8 34-40 4-9 ~20cm
M 7-11 7-11 39-46 8-12 ~22cm
L 11-14 11-14 46-49.5 13-15 ~24cm