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Cinnamon Cinnamon Mermaid Musk Sangria


$75.00 AUD

  • Possibilities

    Endless aren’t they?  Which way do you turn?  What choice do you make?  Where will you end up?  Fate – do you often wonder if you took a different turn somewhere in your past where you would be now?  Would you be in a ‘better place’?  Would you be a ‘worse place’?  Would you uncannily find yourself in the same place?  Life is and should always be an adventure.  For better or worse, you need to strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.  If you catch yourself slipping, falling into mundanity, gather the courage to take a turn, just a
    fraction will do it.  Immerse yourself in the here and now, absorb it, cherish it, remember it but don’t get stuck in it..keep moving, move on and ENJOY!

    ~ Made from premium Australian extrafine Merino wool.

    ~ Scarf dimensions are 180cm x 19cm wide.

    Otto & Spike proudly knit everything in our little factory in East Brunswick. Occasionally popular items sellout quickly and we have to knit them especially for you.