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Peacock Black Mulberry Sage


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  • Alumnus

    We’re thinking ‘Preppy’, Eighties, The Brat Pack, The Breakfast Club. As a former college student of the Eighties, you may have been partial to an Argyle knitted vest perhaps.
    History of the Argyle pattern dates back to the 16th Century. The Campbell Clan of Argyll in Scotland claims the fame of this pattern, basing it on its own Clan’s tartan.
    The Argyle pattern is a proven classic. Over the years we have seen its resurgence on the cat walk, whether it be for fashion, homewares, sporting apparel – golf in particular.

    ~ Made from 100% Merino Extrafine wool.

    ~ Scarf dimensions are 180cm long x 25cm wide.

    Otto & Spike proudly knit everything in our little factory in East Brunswick. Occasionally popular items sellout quickly and we have to knit them especially for you.