Product Description


So there’s this Minotaur running riot in Crete. Daedalus, a crafty type comes along a builds a labyrinth to trap it in. Fatefully, Daedalus upsets a few blokes and ends up trapped in the maze with his son Icarus!
Frustrated by this story as a kid. Where in this labyrinth did they find the supplies to make bloody wings out of feathers and wax? How did they get a run up to take off? If the sun was hot enough to melt the wax, wouldn’t Icarus have noticed that it was getting warm prior to this and flown lower?
Since, I have learned of the Hellenistic view on this legend. Believing that in fact Daedalus and his son escaped to Sicily by boat for which Daedalus invented sails (handy man to have!) Silly old Icarus fell overboard and drowned. Now, that I can believe.

~ Made from 100% Merino Extrafine wool.

~ Scarf dimensions are 190cm long x 20cm wide.

Otto & Spike proudly knit everything in our little factory in East Brunswick. Occasionally popular items sellout quickly and we have to knit them especially for you.