Product Description

Connect 4 has always been a rainy day game played in our household. Unlike our occasional subdued chess tournaments, a round of Connect 4 can be; Fast, furious and fiersly competive. One wouldn’t imagine such a simple game requiring so much skill. Every round begins with a clear head, watching every token as it falls into it’s slot. Somehow, somewhere along the way, you lose your concentration and ‘BAM’! your gone.

~ 100% Merino Extra Fine Wool. Made in Melbourne.
~ L – $350 – 150cm x 210cm (perfectly fits a single bed or span the width of a queen/king bed).
~ M – $300 – 150cm x 150cm (square throw blanket).

Otto & Spike proudly knit everything in our little factory in East Brunswick. Occasionally popular items sellout quickly and we have to knit them especially for you.